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How Can I Temporarily Fix My Roof?

February 13, 20233 min read

The first thing you should consider doing before deciding whether or not you need to replace your roof is to do an easy roof fix by patching the damaged area of your roof. 

This easy roof fix will help prevent further water damage until you are ready to install a new roof and it also shows other contractors that your roof isn’t completely non-functional, so they won’t overcharge you for replacing the entire roof when all you really need is to fix the one area that has been damaged.

Here’s how to temporarily fix your roof using simple techniques that won’t take you long at all to complete.

How To Install Your Own Temporary Shingles

If you need a cheap roof fix, a good way to go is using real estate shingles. You can buy shingle bundles online or at your local hardware store. They come in different colors and sizes, so you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs. 

If you have an asphalt roof, it’s best if you get the kind that’s made for roofs with limited exposure. These are usually black and are made out of coal tar.

For other types of roofs, any type will do. Make sure to remove any nails from the old shingles before installing new ones because they might cause damage to both the old and new surfaces while they’re being nailed down. 

Measure the area where you want them installed and cut them accordingly. Secure them by starting on one side of your house and laying them down overlapping each other as you work your way across until all areas are covered. 

Then nail them into place. 

How Do I Prevent Leaks?

When you’re done, fill any open gaps between the roof and the shingles with wood strips or sheets of metal to seal everything up tight.

Add some more weatherproof sealant around joints and seams just to make sure there’s no moisture leakage.  Fill any open gaps between the roof and the shingles with wood strips or sheets of metal to seal everything up tight. 

Nail down a few pieces at a time so that you don’t accidentally hit a hidden leak point.

And What About My Floors?

If you have a leak in your roof, your floors might also be getting wet.

If this is the case, you’ll want to fix the leak as soon as possible to protect your floors from further damage. However, if you only notice a small leak, it’s possible that covering the floor with an old sheet and putting some buckets on the ground should do the trick. 

The first bucket collects water coming through the ceiling; the second collects runoff water coming in from under doors or windows; and finally, a third bucket collects any residual water seeping through cracks.

It can take up to 72 hours for this temporary fix to catch all of the leaking water!

Will This Fix Last Long?

This fix should last for a while, but is temporary

The materials are cheap and easy to find, and the process is simple. If a storm or heavy rainfall comes your way, this may not be the best option for you. 

Even if it does hold up in the rain, moisture from the roof can still seep into your ceiling and cause mold to grow. Plus, the temporary patch will have to be re-done every time it rains. 

It’s better just to wait until you can get someone out there with a more permanent solution like replacement shingles.

If your temporary fix is no longer doing the trick it may be time to think of a permanent fix. Click here to contact us for a complimentary inspection. 

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